Experience brings knowledge that is acquired through learning from failures, including one’s own. Learning from one’s own experience can often be important and helpful but it is always expensive and time-consuming.

Dr. Grünwald has accumulated many years of his own experience with

You can take advantage of this experience and save yourself time and money – at variable costs!

Do you have a problem? We can help!

  • An established process is causing trouble?
  • You’re having problems with process emissions?
  • A process takes too long?
  • You need to improve the cost effectiveness of your process?
  • Tests were negative?
  • You have an analysis to make?
  • You suspect the problem stems from raw parts?
  • You want better coating results?
  • You want to enhance a process or optimize equipment?
  • Are you looking for an entirely new process?
  • Evaluate new technology or techniques?
  • Purchase new machinery?
  • Do you want to convert production, for instance, to smaller batches or shorter cycles?
  • Are you looking for savings potential in your painting process or adhesion pretreatment?
  • Is a patent standing in your way?
  • Are you considering proprietary intellectual property rights?

Das können wir gemeinsam lösen!

    Wir unterstützen Sie

  • In analyzing the problem,
  • With tests and analyses,
  • With literature and patent searches and research,
  • Evaluating plant, equipment and process technology/techniques,
  • With joint development work,
  • With expert suggestions for improvements,
  • Training for your personnel.