Process development

We would be pleased to develop chemical surface treatment processes to meet your specific needs, testing them first on small batches for their efficacy and reliability and then gradually moving to larger and larger quantities. We can also perform such processes for you, as needed. The range of possible processes includes but is not limited to:

  • Plasma fine cleaning of metals (contacts!), glass and plastics
  • “Activation” of plastic parts prior to painting, printing, flock coating, or bonding
  • Achieve defined wettability (for instance, to set lubricant drops)
  • Roughening plastic parts for matting or as adhesion pre-treatment
  • Permanent adhesion-resistant finish in the sense of hydrophobizing (water repellant) or oleophobic coating (oil repellant)
  • Permanent dry lubrication of glass, ceramics, and metals
  • Combination of the last two effects to produce easy-to-clean-coatings
  • Wear protection against wiping for the surfaces of plastics and high-gloss paints